The affinity talent fast-track

In the competitiveness of today’s market, businesses need to gain an advantage by attracting and securing the best talent. Our unique service meets our clients’ need for urgency whilst maintaining the quality of hire.

The benefits of affinity talent fast-track include:

Detailed consultation:

A meeting with your recruitment partners for a detailed consultation. This is where we have a chance to understand what you need from your next hire, understand the responsibilities and challenges of the role and the cultural fit for your team.

Perfect candidate profile:

Creation of your perfect candidate’s profile

A rigorous process:

A rigorous process of reaching out to active and passive candidates that fit the brief, ensuring that they meet both the eligibility criteria.

Showcasing your employer brand:

Showcasing your employer brand in the best light to attract the best people, selling the culture, brand story and benefits.

Multi-channel sourcing:

Use of our industry leading multi-channel sourcing strategy, tailor made to maximise exposure to your vacancy through social media, professional networking sites, job boards and our own extensive network.

Exclusive profiling tool:

Use of our exclusive profiling tool, created to give you a deeper insight into the candidate’s behavioural traits and preferences. The tool also gives details of the candidates learning styles, to allow you to on-board them in the best way possible.

We separate the wheat from the chaff:

The first stage interviews will be taken care of. We interview and assess every candidate on the shortlist, challenging them to give direct examples of both their cultural and professional fit. We will separate the wheat from the chaff and let you get on with your day job.

One day of interviews:

One day of interviews, supported by your recruitment partner on your own site, on a day of your choosing. Interviewing in one day allows like for like comparisons, making it easier to identify the best people in the market for your role

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