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We build trusted partnerships with our clients by understanding what they do and delivering the quality of service they expect. Affinity specialises in ICT, engineering, finance and accounting, HRM, executive and sales and marketing  jobs. View the clients we have worked with.

Testimonial: Fiserv

ITP was referred to Fiserv to help with the European expansion of the company. Although not an exclusive arrangement, all new hires in the NL Software hub since 2010 have been via ITP.

“From our initial conversation, ITP Select reacted extremely quickly and understood the technicalities of the roles immediately. The initial CV’s were very good and all were invited for interviews and subsequently two from four were hired.”

Testimonial: Global Collect

Globalcollect became a customer in 2009 when in a Start-up / high-growth phase. Their requirements were extremely varied, from technical staff, implementation consultants and commercial managers.

“Finding qualified and motivated people for this team was always a challenge but ITP always managed to find the right guys and understood how to communicate with a busy Operations Team Lead who was never available to talk!”

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