Code of conduct

The affinity code of conduct is based on honesty. We treat people as we wish to be treated, and believe one way to continuously improve, is by listening to what our candidates and clients say about us. All of our consultants work by the affinity code of conduct, and we perform regular surveys to stay up to date.

The affinity code of conduct

Our Consultants never avoid a call. If they are not available, they will always call back.
Our Consultants are focussed on quality targets, not purely financial ones. Long term relationships and repeat business takes precedence over a short term fix.
Our Consultants can’t always understand the full complexities of certain jobs and don’t pretend to. We focus on what our clients need and what will make someone successful in the role.
Our Consultants will never post fake jobs.
Our Consultants will never send spam emails. Group emails are opt-in only.
Our Consultants provide full disclosure on job vacancies including the clients name and not just a job profile.
Our Consultants only submit candidate CV’s with the candidates’ permission.
Our Candidates receive detailed feedback at every stage. No generic corporate one liner.

Let us know what you think

If you have received great service from affinity, please let us know below. More importantly, if you have received poor service or you feel that a member of the affinity team has done something contrary to the affinity code of conduct, it’s important that we hear about it, so we can fix what went wrong.

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